Role of the Committee

  • The objective of this committee is to make a planning of academic/co-curricular/extra-curricular activities for the forthcoming semester/academic year. As well, this committee will review the activities of the previous semester/year and make recommendations to the Principal/Management for further improvement.
  • This committee will overview the financial viability of the college in each financial year and based on the requirements, it will make suggestions/recommendations to the Principal/Management about further facilities/amenities/laboratories to be included in the forthcoming semester/year.


S.No Name of the Members Designation Responsibility
1 Dr. N. Kottiswaran Principal Chairman
2 Mr. K. Silambarasan  AP/MECH  Exam cell In charge
3 Ms. P. Kowsalya AP/ECE  Internal Member 
4 Mr. B. Kaviraj AP/EEE  Internal Member 
5 Ms. k. Kanagavalli AP/CHEMISTRY Internal Member 
6 Mr. P. Amirthalingam  AP/MECH  Internal Member 
7 Ms. P. Sundari  AP/IT Internal Member 
8 Ms. P. Gokila  AP/CSE Internal Member 
9 Ms. B. Nancy AP/MBA Internal Member 
10 Ms. M. Divya III CSE Student Representative
11 Ms. R. Anandhi IV CSE  Student Representative

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