The college provides completely furnished separate residential facilities for boys and girls on campus. The hostels are well equipped with separate computer centers and have all the facilities that help the students live and grow in an environment that is stimulating and conducive. All the hostels are inside the college campus in highly conducive atmosphere for research and studies. Hostels are surrounded by green open space which gives lots of oxygen rich air and a natural environment away from city hustle and bustle.


The college pays special attention to the fitness of the student. It provides separate gym halls for men and women and has equipments that tone the well-being of the students.

A fitness check at a gym will determine the current level of fitness and from this a safe and enjoyable set of exercises can be determined by the facilities in the GYM.


Sports are integral part of our college “Health is wealth.” Those who have understood its importance will try to keep them fit. At INFO we initiate sports activities for maintaining health and physical fitness. Students have the facilities of both indoor and outdoor sports. Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, some sports helps to gain agility and quickness.